Hiring like a boss


Hiring like a boss


If you’ve ever been tempted to write a job ad by taking the bottom two thirds of a similar company and replacing the top and tweaking the body copy--and then been unhappy with the results, then this workshop is for you.

The biggest piece of advice when hiring is to look outside of your network as well as in it, and to write a “love letter” not a job description.

Ben has hired hundreds of people including many world number ones.

Ben has helped more than a dozen startups work with Universities to provide internship programs without salary payments, in a way that complies with all regulations.

People who worked for Ben’s companies have met the founders of AirBnB, presented at the main stage TED conference in Vancouver.

Please note there are no quick fixes here, but there are specific things that can be done to hire very high quality people promptly if you’re willing to put the time in.

This workshop is about hiring top quality talent on a constrained budget, where everyone wins.

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