2017 - 2018: Robotics

The Robotics automated full size and 1:10 scale model cars

The Robotics automated full size and 1:10 scale model cars


Ben co-founded The Robotics Club in 2017 with Ken Macken and Linda Luo. The Club operated in 2017 and 2018. Linda Luo went on to develop the concept further in China, under the name Robotics Masters.


The Robotics Club’s History

Value proposition

We offer the fastest, cheapest, easiest and most compelling way to get skilled up in robotics.


To skill up 1 billion people in robotics and AI so we all have jobs in the future.


We make robotics extremely exciting and easy to learn.

We stimulate curiosity in robotics and then convert that curiosity to obsession.


We put on a spectacular event that makes robotics exciting:

A battle race in the desert, between autonomous cars.


We offer courses, that let you build self driving cars in 1 day (for small ones), or 20 days (for real cars), that you can then battle in the desert. The cars are very cheap: toy cars from $300-$8,000, real cars as cheap as $2,000.

Our main physical product is a development platform for universities (undergraduate and post docs). It allows you to build autonomous systems, like cars, drones, and industrial robots.