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Ben preferences mission driven companies working on difficult and high impact problems.


  • The Teleporter

    • 45 Honors students contributing 10,000 hours of academic internship work

  • The Robotics Club - 80 people came together to build self driving cars in 72 hours, including:

    • Distinguished Professor Peter Corke (#1 Professor in Australia, 2017).

    • Dr Anna Newberry, from NIO who built the world’s fastest autonomous electric Circuit of the Americas car

    • Engineers from ETH Zurich, Builders of world’s fastest accelerating electric car.

    • Juxi Leitner, team lead of Amazon Warehouse Robotics world #1 team from QUT that beat all universities, including MIT

    • Four of the team who built the cars for Mad Max Fury Road

    • 300M view YouTube star: The Hacksmith

    • and many more…


  • 80 student interns working on 10 startups


  • recruited the best cohort of startups ever for muru-D Sydney:

    • 10x the previous numbers in terms of revenue: $300K -> $3M

    • Highest investor interest with $20M of investment into companies following the program


  • alongside co-founders Meron Gribetz and Ray Lo, recruited more than 100 people at Meta

    • Professor Steve Feiner, most cited globally in augmented reality

    • Professor Steve Mann, inventor of wearable computing

    • Jayse Hansen, Hollywood’s #1 UI designer who built the graphics for Iron Man 1, 3, Avengers, Hunger Games, etc.

    • Allison Johnson, who launched the iPhone

    • Soren Haren, who grew Atlassian from 10 to 100 Engineers.

    • Many world leading Unity 3D specialists, Web Developers, Computer vision and Optical engineers.

For many of the team members, they joined for 50-75% lower salaries than previously.

Emma cropped.png

Emma Poposka, CEO, bron.tech 

“Our company went through the Muru-D accelerator program in 2017, where we met Ben as an entrepreneur in residence. He always gave us the most honest and not at all sugar-coated feedback, but at the same time pushed us to believe in ourselves and strive high. Fast forward by the end of the program, we raised $1.3M total in seed funding and attracted some pretty big customers. Ben was instrumental in helping us message the purpose of our company and attract the right investors. If your startup needs some tough love, your start-up needs Ben. Highly recommended!”

Rob Quinn new cropped.png

Rob Quinn, CEO, Patch'd Medical

“Patch'd Medical has been through the Y Combinator accelerator in Winter 2018 and received over $1.8M USD in seed funding. Ben pushed us to go full time on the company back in 2016 and has worked with us ever since. Ben has helped us solve our largest challenges while forming and growing the company, he is phenomenal at capital raising and budget planning. Great guy, unashamedly forward thinking when helping companies succeed.”

Kevin cropped.png

Kevin Baum, CEO, Agriwebb

“Ben Sand helped advise AgriWebb for nearly a year during which the company expanded overseas and closed a $14m Series A raise. Ben was instrumental in helping with our pitching technique to stand out from the crowd. Ben's novel hiring methods have contributed significantly to our team growth and his unique approach to budgeting helped bring our team onto the same page to focus on decreasing burn rate. Ben's creative approach to startups pushed us to think outside the box and brought insight impossible to find in the standard startup literature.”


Meron Gribetz, CEO, Meta

"Ben came on as a co-founder of Meta in 2013 and developed our successful Y Combinator application. He led our early sales campaigns to $2M of pre orders, worked extensively on the strategy and tactics for our $23M Series A, and helped lay the groundwork for our $50M Series B. Ben was instrumental in helping hire many of our top team members. Whether you are starting out or scaling up your company I highly recommend you talk to Ben.“