2011-2013: Education Technology

Var and the Vikings - a game that taught college level AI to 8 year olds.

Var and the Vikings - a game that taught college level AI to 8 year olds.



Brainworth was a two year effort in building revolutionary educational technology. Ben Sand co-founded and led Brainworth as CEO.

A vision statement on why Braiworth was built. - endorsed by TED speaker, Jane McGonigal.

Two major components were built: a dynamic tool to allow access to any educational resource in the world, showing how it related to other resources, and a set of new educational content, designed to show what education should look like.

Dynamic Educational Content Finder

  • Massive game world to navigate all education technology
  • Major technical challenges included:
    • Dynamic Graph Creator (4 NP complete algorithms).
    • Real time Graph creation and rending in browser

Three Examples of How Education Should be Done

Three examples of education were built by the Brainworth team to show how education should change:

  1. Teaching behavior trees with a platformer style game (see video above).
  2. Teaching Neural Nets with with a maze game. Click for Game Play Prototype. (Game Play Prototype only. No art.)
  3. Teaching A* Search using a combination of video lectures (with actors, costumes and scripts), along with a python on javascript platform and a snake like game as the challenge. (no longer online). Deep technical challenges

The goals of Brainworth - to teach the world vital skills in a fast paced an exciting way are now embodied in: The Robotics Club