Executive and Startup Coaching

Ben has been coaching founders and executive teams since 2015. Currently most coaching is done through Y Combinator's Startup School and Western Sydney University’s Launch Pad.

Ben also coaches founders individually and has previously worked with Telstra and the Queensland Government and Brisbane Council’s initiatives to develop startups.

Ben has had a number of years experience in Silicon Valley, including multiple stays at Chez JJ, the hacker hostel that the Silicon Valley TV show was based on. Ben's experience comes from his his first hand experience co-founding a number of startups, as well as formal training from Y Combinator, CTI and Inner Space.


Featured Coaching Outcomes



Ben advised 30 companies in Y Combinator's first Startup School initiative in 2017 and advised again in 2018

Topics covered team formation, product development, capital raising and marketing.

Ben received a 10/10 recommendation from the majority of teams he worked with after each weekly session, a summary of results is below:


Presentation and Business Coaching: Abyss

Ben  really understands how a founder should think. He can dig his nails deep into your business and personalities and perceive problems. And to do this he spends time with you. When I see someone work so hard to help me, how can you not listen to his advice!? Who spends 8 hours on Sundays after spending slots over the week with you? His dedication and penetrating advice helped me connect the nuts and bolts of my business with my vision, which tends to get lost in the midst of start up frenzy. 

As a result, directly, I have a better runway, motivated team members, a confident me, a generally healthier business, and raw energy pouring out of me to take this to the next level! 

- Nasir Ahsan, CEO, abysssolutions.co


Presentation and Business Coaching: Quberider

Ben Sand has played an extremely vital role in my development as an entrepreneur and a CEO. He has taken me from a rule abiding, timid entrepreneur to a confident and outgoing CEO, in a matter of months. He is a tough mentor, but is able to get down to the the core of any issue whilst being realistic and practical, and also looking for the optimal outcome. Every minute spent with Ben, is worth ten.

- Solange Cunin, CEO, quberider.com


Presentation and Business Coaching: Simpla

In a matter of days Ben completely transformed our pitch, and in turn our business. To say he had an immediate impact to both Simpla and myself personally would be an understatement.

- Sean King, CEO, simpla.io


Coaching Outcomes


Presentation and Business Coaching: Persollo

Ben is an amazing coach and a great psychologist, who really cared about us and our business 24/7. He gave us lots of his time, met over weekends and out of business hours. I discovered my personal and business WHY, which was a crucial discovery!!! I was out of my comfort zone almost all the time. Now, I can tell for myself: when it is hard and painful – it means you grow; when it is easy and clear – it means you'll fly into the abyss. Thanks, Ben! The next teams you work with have no chance to fail! Looking forward to the new diamonds you’ll craft!

- Olga Oleinikova, CEO, persollo.com


Presentation and Business Coaching: Uprise

Ben is a startup data encyclopedia; he has the entirety of knowledge from idea to exit from his own experience and his time in Silicon Valley. He believes in pushing very hard if you want to be in that top 1% and he expects that of you as a mentee. However, he is one of the few mentors who has the expertise to get you all the way there if you want to go on the journey. Highly recommend.


Presentation and Business Coaching: Our Little Foxes

Ben is an incredible mentor and advisor. He challenged me to make some really tough decisions but they were the right ones, both for me and for Our Little Foxes. I feel totally aligned with my personal purpose and Ben was instrumental in getting me to that point. His methods are pretty unconventional and he pushed me completely out of my comfort zone but I'm so glad that I trusted him to guide me through the process. 

- Phoebe Adams, CEO, ourlittlefoxes.com


Presentation and Business Coaching: Drive Yello

Ben has brought to Drive Yello his unique perspective honed from his experience in Silicon Valley. Challenging us to aim higher, think bigger and to recognise & appreciate our "why".

- Steve Fanale, CEO, driveyello.com


Presentation and Business Coaching: SkyGrid

Ben has been instrumental in taking us at SkyGrid from corporate engineers to true startup entrepreneurs. His coaching has not only improved our skills, but our confidence and methodology too. He has an ability to quickly narrow down to what needs improving, and will then go the extra mile to help you work past it.

- Luke Taylor, COO and co-founder, skygrid.io


Presentation and Business Coaching: ELLA

Ben is a world class startup mentor and coach. I've had the opportunity to work closely with Ben for the past few weeks for my company ELLA. Ben helped me realise my purpose as an entrepreneur and made me feel confident and comfortable in articulating my startup story. His support and guidance during the demo night was key to helping me deliver my message to the world. 

- Atul Pandey, CEO, ellaapp.co