To infinity and beyond.

Currently Ben is working on his new virtual reality startup - “The Teleporter”. Better than being there, The Teleporter provides the most powerful way to connect with people at a distance.

In early 2018 Ben worked on robotics education at The Robotics Club. Running robotics workshops and a 72 hour self driving car challenge for teams from around the world.

Ben graduated Y Combinator in Summer 2013 and is currently an advisor for Y Combinator Startup School.

As co-founder and co-CEO of Meta, Ben helped build a holographic computer, raise $23M Series A, prepare for a $50M Series B, hire 70 great people and crowd fund $2M of pre-sales.

As co-founder and CEO of Brainworth, Ben assembled a team of 60 volunteers to build a novel education platform to teach artifiicial intelligence programming to children.

Ben is passionate about startups, the future of humanity, education, empathy, moonshot projects and more! If you want to make a huge impact on the future, contact Ben using the email or form below.

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